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 Varicose veins are defined as distended tributaries or ‘branches’ of the major veins in the leg, and the condition usually presents as visible bulging veins on the legs when sitting or standing. When the patient is lying down, the bulges tend to recede or disappear.
Recent “Varicose Vein Therapies” apply only bandaid techniques: treating surface spider and varicose veins with occasional “one time only” ablation techniques. Surface veins appear as a symptom, because the veins deeper inside the leg have lost their essential valve function, allowing blood to flow the wrong way down the veins. So the traditional kind of treatment – still offered by many practitioners – that is directed solely at the veins seen on the surface, without either investigating and treating the underlying cause, is bound to fail.

If a doctor doesn’t have access to the correct diagnosis from a detailed scan in the first place, he or she is unlikely to be able to perform a complete treatment that will minimize the risk of recurrence.

This is the reason why Morrison Vein Institute places such great emphasis on performing comprehensive diagnostic tests and scans – based on a foundation of Duplex Ultrasound Scanning – in advance of the development of any treatment plan. This is a key part of our strict adherence to “Detail”and it ensures that all of our investigations are performed by independent experts who specialise in Duplex Ultrasound examination of the veins.
Compare our approach with the trend in recent years where doctors in “multipurpose” clinics, treating veins part time, perform their own scans to try to keep prices down. This is a false economy for patients; they won’t save in the long term. It has been published that quick scans with subpar equipment and performed by health care providers who solely check the two main veins miss at least 30% of the underlying problems causing the varicose veins. But then, as with so many things in life, cutting corners to reduce costs usually means a reduction in standards.  Our approach is to permanently remove the underlying cause of the varicose veins as well as visible varicose veins to give not only the best possible result in the short term, but also the lowest possible chance of recurrence in the long term.
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Get your veins treated before weight loss

Varicose Veins need treatment

Four reasons to treat vein disorders before starting a weight-loss program

About one-third of the American population is obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The New Year often finds many people wanting to reverse that trend. Gym memberships skyrocket and many millions of Americans are starting new exercise programs as we speak.

But for the millions of people with varicose veins, phlebitis, thrombosis or other vein disorders, taking on a weight-loss program brings its own unique challenges. Here are five reasons why treating vein problems before you begin a weight-loss program could help you achieve even better outcomes.

Less fatigue

Having achy legs that feel heavy can be a barrier to any exercise routine. Those with vein disorders often battle leg fatigue when just walking around their neighborhood, and sticking to an exercise routine could feel like trying to accomplish the impossible.

“Vein disease can really put you behind the curve when starting a program. With your legs feeling lighter and stronger after treatment, it can be a big step in the right direction,” said Terri Morrison, R.N. and co-founder of Morrison Vein Institute in Scottsdale, Ariz. Morrison is also a patient educator.

Better exercise:  It’s a common misunderstanding that problem veins will simply go away with exercise. They won’t. And while the circulatory system, overall, can indeed benefit from exercise, not all exercises are created equal when it comes to vein health.

Weightlifting, for example, can put a strain on veins; and running, while it’s great for vein health in general, can be damaging when done on the wrong surface. Knowing the best weightlifting techniques and where to run before you start a weight-loss program can be addressed in a vein consultation and after treatment.

“Our patients come to us for treatment options, but giving them guidance on which exercises to do and which ones to avoid, we think, can be even more important than the treatment itself,” Morrison added.

Venous Ultrasound exam can help to detect dangerous blood clots like Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), which could lead to a Pulmonary Embolism (PE), or a clot that breaks free from a deep vein and enters an artery. This condition can be life threatening. Between 60,000 and 100,000 people die from PE every year. Knowing if you have DVT before starting an exercise program could be life saving information.

Treatment recovery, compression-wear

With surgical vein treatments like the Foam sclerotherapy, Varithena, or endovenous laser ablation, not only are the they fast and minimally invasive, recovery is much quicker. In the days following treatment, compression socks and a walking regimen are encouraged. It can be the best way to safely start a weight-loss program and help you avoid early injury or burnout.

Diet boost

Coming home from Nicaragua 

We celebrated our 25 Anniversary of volunteering in South and Central America this year! We want to thank all our teams, our donors, our support staff at home. We have received such warm welcomes, treated such poor and sick patients, and been humbled by their ” Dios de Paga” blessings. We are grateful to come home to our patients.   

Volunteering In Nicaragua

morrisonveininstitute celebrating 25 years of volunteer medical work in Central and South America: Rewarding!

Phlebology = Vein Care

The Raddison Blu Aqua in Chicago is the host hotel for this weekends Leadership Summit: American College of Phlebology Foundation planning new ways to teach patients and Heath care providers about varicose veins, DVT awareness, and all aspects of vein diseaseand treatments. Scientific research with evidence based medicine shared worldwide will better serve our patients.

Do birth control pills cause varicose veins?


More than 12 million U.S. women take birth control pills. Some studies have linked vein disease and birth control use, but one local expert suggests there’s more to the subject than the dramatic headlines it produces.

“Prescription medicines can affect everyone differently. As a medical professional, when dealing with this topic, it’s important to take into consideration other patient symptoms and health concerns, too,” said Nick Morrison, MD, world-renowned phlebologist and founder of Morrison Vein Institute in Scottsdale, Ariz. READ MORE…


4 important truths about your varicose veins

mother-pregnantVaricose veins affect nearly half the U.S. adult population. With so many people looking for answers, there are plenty of opinions about how and why vein disease develops and the best treatment options available. If you are one of the millions of varicose vein sufferers, one vein expert says it’s important to keep these four facts in mind.

1. It’s a disease that doesn’t discriminate 

The American Society for Vascular Surgery estimates 40 million Americans have varicose veins; at least 17 percent are men and about 5 percent of all cases involve patients in their late teens or early 20s. And let’s not forget that more and more celebrities are opening up about vein disease – Britney Spears, Emma Thompson and Kristin Davis, to name a few.

“I’ve been in the field for 20 years and in that time the age of the patients we see has steadily dropped. On any given day we might see people between 20 and 70 years old with vein disease,” said Nick Morrison, a world-renowned phlebologist and founder of Morrison Vein Institute in Scottsdale, Ariz. READ MORE…


Are your varicose veins a sign of heart trouble?

300x250About 300,000 people die of blood clots every year. There are also 600,000 new cases of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) occurring annually as well. Sometimes going undetected, DVT is a serious vein problem that could lead to a potentially fatal Pulmonary Embolism (PE), where a blood clot travels to the lungs.

Many Americans, however, may not realize these problems exist. They have been led to believe that vein disease – often first seen as varicose veins in the legs – is strictly a cosmetic concern. That couldn’t be further from the truth, says Dr. Nick Morrison, a trained phlebologist and founder of Morrison Vein Institute in Phoenix. “If you’re concerned about your legs not looking great this summer, you should also understand the bigger connection to the heart that your venous system has,” Morrison noted. READ MORE…


5 celebrities that battled varicose veins

Britney-Spears-Main-TileCarrie Underwood’s legs have their own Facebook page. Former World Wrestling Federation diva Stacy Keibler’s legs earned her the title: “Weapon of Mass Seduction.” Jennifer Lawrence’s seemingly endless pins and Beyonce’s super-toned gams help them land at the top of today’s hot lists.

Hollywood celebrities and stars understand the power of gorgeous legs; but there are plenty who have also battled what 50 percent of American women endure as well – varicose veins.

“I think it’s less about saying a star’s legs don’t look appealing and more a reminder that vein disease doesn’t discriminate,” added world-renowned Scottsdale, Ariz.-based phlebologist, Nick Morrison, MD.  READ MORE…


Show Off Your Legs This Spring

What do you consider to be a beautiful pair of legs? Do you favor them for their length, their shape, or perhaps how they move? Often celebrities are thought to have the most gorgeous legs around. Mariah Carey is glorified for her muscular tone, while Heidi Klum is oohed-and-aahed whenever she struts her long and lean gams on the runway.

Realistically, everyone has a different perception of beauty – just as no two sets of legs are exactly alike. What we do all share is the ability to be confident about what makes them unique.

Your legs represent YOU, and it’s time that you are proud to show them off!  READ MORE…



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