Are you at Risk for DVT?

Venous reflux is an inherited disease which involves  backward flow of blood and subsequent pooling of blood in the leg veins with prolonged sitting and standing. This can lead to varicose veins, leg swelling and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Blood is meant to flow; if it becomes stagnant there is a potential for it to clot. The blood in veins is constantly forming microscopic clots that are routinely broken down by the body. If the balance of clot formation and blood movement is disrupted, significant clotting can occur. People who sit or stand for long periods of time experience decreased leg muscle activity which slows blood flow in the leg. Prolonged travel increases the risk of clotting. Working at a desk also increases someones risk level. Other contributing factors to consider include: vein disease, smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, being overweight, pregnancy, recent surgery, and/or blood clotting disorders.

Written By Nick Morrison, MD, FACPh

Posted by Kelly Lorenzen

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