Had veins done and still having issues?

Have you had a ligation or vein stripping, VNUS closure, laser ablation and still have ankle swelling, spider veins, restless legs, pain, discomfort, or new varicose veins?

There are many reasons for incomplete obliteration of varicose veins or recurrences of vein issues.  In the past when vein stripping and ligations were done, there were statistically proven recurrence rates of 30-40%.  This is because all saphenous veins (superficial veins) were not removed; only diseased veins were removed.  Now with VNUS Closure and endovenous ablations, there is only a 10-20% recurrence rate. Genetics cause more veins to become diseased and then these veins need treatment. It is a bit like gum disease or diabetes; you treat the vein problems and practice prevention. We cannot cure vein disease but it can become almost invisible, with proper care.

Of course the mainstay of venous disease maintenance is still compression therapy. Not only is it effective post-operatively during venous procedures but it is recommended as a preventative means to help reduce the formation of new spider and varicose veins.  It also helps pump the blood back toward the heart during periods of prolonged sitting and standing to help decrease symptoms. Over-the-counter, lighter compression hose (15-20mmHg) worn on a daily basis is suggested for minimal or mild symptoms or asymptomatic spider veins. Higher compression (prescription strength of 30-40mmHg or higher) is used for post-treatment, for more advanced vein disease or to treat Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clot).  Medical supply stores and some phlebology practices provide both over-the-counter and prescription strength compression hose or socks. Once diagnosed with venous disease, you should see your phlebologist. Once the phlebologist treats you, they will recommend you wear your compression hose on a routine basis to keep the disease and the resulting spider veins under control as you will develop more veissels as you age.

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