A myth about pregnancy and veins

Myth: It is better to wait until after your last pregnancy before treating your veins.  This may have been good advice when stripping was the only definitive treatment for varicose veins. Stripping was so traumatic to tissue and disrupted connecting veins, leaving them to cause problems with your legs in the future. Also, stripping was so painful post-op and it made ones return to busy lives and normal activities difficult. Therefore it would not have been a good idea to have your veins treated before you had another baby. But, not now!

Truth: If you have venous disease and/or varicose veins, your next pregnancy does not have to include the dreaded aching, fatigue, swelling, restless leg or perineal pain. You can have your veins treated in between pregnancies, and all of those symptoms will go away. This is ok to do now because the new treatment for varicose veins is minimally invasive and done in the physician’s office. After treatment, patients return to normal activities of living the same or following day.  Also, if you get your veins treated before your next pregnancy, subsequent pregnancies will cause significantly less damage to your superficial venous system.

During pregnancy, you should wear compression stockings if you have varicose veins, spider veins, or any swelling in your legs or ankles. This will minimize the effect of pregnancy on your veins, reduce swelling and make your legs feel better.

Don’t wait until you are done having children to treat your veins! Morrison Vein Institute can help you now.

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