The Old & New About Varicose Veins

In the old days, when Nick Morrison, MD, performed varicose vein removal, “the treatment was often worse than the disease.”

For years the standard operating procedure to treat varicose veins was to make up to 40 cuts ( incisions) in the leg, explained Rogers . “Then, the veins were cut out while the patient was under general anesthesia for over four hours,” he said. “The risk of complications from anesthesia for that long appears to be about 1,000 times higher than doing the procedure under local anesthetic as we do now.”

With the advent of  radiofrequency VNUS Closure, ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy, and endovenous lasers, we have new treatments that are done using only oral valium or a local anesthetic, which enables the patient to walk out of the office immediately after the procedure.

Endovenous Laser Ablation is a minimally invasive method for treating varicose veins, under a local anesthetic, using laser energy to shrink and collapse the vein.

The MD team at the Morrison Vein Institute has done more than 4,000 endovenous thermal ablations in the last 11 years and more than 60,000 vein procedures in the last 15 years.

“There’s nothing more satisfying for me as a physician to help someone like this,” Dr Morrison insisted. “For traditional varicose vein surgery, a person couldn’t work for two to three weeks afterwards. Now, the patient is awake and comfortable while the procedure is going on. We have them walking right after the endovenous thermal ablation procedure, and they can return to work the next day, if they want to. The improvements start the first day and get better with each step of the treatment plan.”

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