Vulva Varicose Veins

Vulva varicose veins are more common than most women think. An easy way to evaluate whether a patient has associated venous insufficiency in her legs is to order a Doppler duplex ultrasound of the the leg veins. If the patient also has symptoms of pelvic congestion syndrome then we would add a pelvic ultrasound.

Vulvar varices, are near the vagina. These varicose veins can cause aching, local swelling and pain during intercourse. The discomfort increases with prolonged sitting or standing even in women who are not pregnant. They can also interfere with a normal vaginal delivery, especially if they have increased in size with each pregnancy without vein treatment.

The Morrison Vein Institute can do injection sclerotherapy of the vulvar veins as well as treat patient’s varicose vein disease between pregnancies so they don’t have those large vulvar varices to deal with at delivery time. Most patients just need a touch up cosmetic (visual) or ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy sessions of their veins between pregnancies.

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