The Vascular Disease Foundation (VDF) is seeking nominations for the 2010 President’s Awards.

Write-up for the nomination:

Nick Morrison, MD, founder of the Morrison Vein Institute, President of the American College of Phlebology, and Vice President of the Union Internationale de Phlebologie, has devoted his medical practice for the last 14 years specifically to the education, research, and treatment of venous disease and encouragement of his colleagues to do the same.  On a daily basis he is involved with patients who seek out his expertise to restore their venous function and return them to a healthy and pain-free lifestyle, discussing their venous conditions in order to promote awareness of vascular disease and regaining of good health.

Additionally, Dr. Morrison has conducted numerous studies and research projects at the Morrison Vein Institute, sometimes partnering with other companies which seek to further knowledge in the venous field.  Research in ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy and radiofrequency and laser endovenous ablation procedures, as well as his participation in the BTG study, Brilliant study, and VeinRX study, have all yielded important information to intensify the effectiveness of venous treatment.  Much of this research has been published nationally as well as internationally.  Dr. Morrison has authored book chapters on varying aspects of venous disease and published numerous scientific articles in phlebologic journals and literature, again both in the United States and abroad.  Of  particular note are his chapter “VNUS Closure of the saphenous vein” in Dr. John Bergan’s benchmark work The Vein Book (2006), and his co-authored article in the Journal of Vascular Surgery (2008), “Comparisons of side effects using air and carbon dioxide foam for endovenous chemical ablation.”

Expending much of his practice time speaking and facilitating at venous conferences around the world, Dr. Morrison is constantly engaged in dialogue with colleagues to increase their knowledge of current theories and treatment, and is instrumental in encouraging them to conduct research.  The American Venous Forum, Union Internationale de Phlebologie and the Society of Vascular Ultrasound have benefited from his presence in the past year alone.  As president of the American College of Phlebology and vice president of the Union Internationale de Phlebologie, he likewise continually exhorts his fellow members to work to support the advancement of vascular disease awareness by research, education, and in their specific practices.

The highest recommendation for Dr. Morrison for the Vision Award, however, comes from his colleagues in the venous field.  They constantly seek his opinion on issues, concerns, and treatment of patients who present with anomalies because they are aware that his sights are set higher and farther on the venous horizon than most in the field. For his extraordinary vision in the field of phlebology and for putting that vision into action, I would nominate Dr. Nick Morrison for the Vascular Disease Foundation’s President’s Vision Award.

Written by: Sharon Olbert and Kathy Richard

Posted by: Kelly Lorenzen

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