Compression Stockings at Morrison Vein Institute

Compression stockings are worn by women and men to help with circulation, swollen ankles, vein disease, restless leg, etc. They come in all colors, not just the old ugly beige. They come in open toe, closed toe, panty hose, thigh high, calf length, sport socks, maternity, and even leggings now. Morrison Vein Institute sells these custom hose in many brands, colors, and styles. The RN’s at Morrison Vein Institute are certified hose fitters, so you can bring in a prescription from your doctor and the RN’s can help you buy hose. But, you don’t have to have a prescription to make and appointment and have us fit you. Morrison Vein Institute sells light weight and medical-grade compression stockings. So, if your legs ache or your feet hurt after you have been standing all day atwork, you should be wearing compression stockings. They make your feet feel so good and they are great for your leg health!

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