Patient Quotes…

I thought I would share a few of my favorite stories/quotes from patients @morrisonvein…

“Thank you for taking care of my legs, so I can continue dancing at 81 years old.”

“I am so happy that I finally got my veins done, because now I can wear my favorite zip-up boots. I just thought my legs and ankles had gotten fat, but it turns out it was the swelling from my vein disease.”

“I can’t believe it, I can finally shave my legs without crying, because you removed the bulging veins on my legs. I will forever be greatful.”

“I always blamed my swollen ankles on my diabetes, then I got my veins treated and now I don’t have swollen ankles anymore, WOW!”

“We travel a lot and love to see the world. I never was able to walk very long to go site-seeing, because my legs got tired and heavy. Then I got my veins worked on and now I can walk and walk and walk.”


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