“Your so vein”

When I tell people I work for Morrison Vein Institute, I get 1 of 3 responses: 1) Oh like the song, “Your so Vain,”

2) Oh Morrison Vein, I have seen their ads everywhere
or 3) What is that?
No matter what response I get, I have to further explain that we are a medical practice specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of veins and vein disease. Most people don’t know anything about vein disease or that there are treatments available for spider and varicose veins. Most people assume spider veins are a cosmetic issue, which is not always true, and if you are “Oh so Vain” then you might get them treated. What they don’t know is spider veins may be the visible sign that someone has vein disease.

So I love telling people where I work, because it immediately sparks conversation.

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