Phlebologist vs. Phlebotomist

When I tell people Dr Nick Morrison is a Phlebologist, many people think I am saying Phlebotomist. Confusing right? Even though the two words only have 2 letters that are different, there is a huge difference between a Phlebologist and a Phlebotomist.

A Phlebotomist is a medical professional who draws blood from a patient for various lab tests as ordered by a medical doctor. Phlebotomy entails a relatively short training period.

A Phlebologist is a medical doctor with many years of medical school and postgraduate training who specializes specifically in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins, spider veins, and venous disease. The American College of Phlebology is a professional organization of Phlebologists and other health care professionals, whose goal is to facilitate learning and sharing of knowledge regarding of venous disease. The end result of all of this knowledge, experience and training is a constant improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of persons having venous problems.

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