Dr Nick Morrison’s Presidency of the ACP

Dr. Morrison just turned over the reins of the presidency of the American College of Phlebology after two laborious and fruitful years.  A few of the priorities that he gave particular focus to and of which he is particular proud:

1)      Identifying and empowering new leaders;

2)      Establishing guidelines for the care of patients with venous disorders;

3)      Obtaining a seat in the AMA House of Delegates;

4)      Creating greater awareness of the ACP and phlebology in general by means of public awareness projects;

5)      Developing specialized courses for members, such as Advanced Duplex Investigation;

6)      Increasing participation by the ACP on an international level;

7)      Widening our advocacy in insurance and government regulation;

8)      Expanding the Phlebology Fellowship and Preceptorship programs;

9)      Furthering the scope and quality of scientific research in the field.

Dr. Morrison says he applauds the ACP’s accomplishment during his presidency of bringing the 2013 UIP World Congress to Boston – the first time it will be held in the United States.  He states that the importance of this accomplishment cannot be overstated in regard to the respect garnered by the ACP in the international community and in the advancement of the science of phlebology.

Written by Kathy Richard

Excerpt from Vein Magazine, Fall 2010


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