There’s More to Your Leg Veins than Meets the Eye!

Do you have a problem with leg veins? If so, you’re not alone. Nearly 50% of all women and 25% of men develop venous disease, eventually…with symptoms that include “ugly veins,” leg aches, swelling, restless leg, or in the worst cases, ulcers and blood clots.
But while some people-even professionals-may tell you that bulging blue veins or threadlike purple spider veins are “merely cosmetic,” the truth is that without an ultrasound scan, it’s impossible to know what is taking place in the hidden saphenous veins that spread like tree limbs through your legs. In venous disease, one-way valves in these veins may become defective and let blood pool in your lower legs-a process called “venous reflux.” Ultrasound scanning diagnoses this process, or proves that it doesn’t exist. If you have no venous reflux, you can safely proceed with simple cosmetic procedures to make spider veins and others disappear. But if you have venous reflux, ordinary cosmetic treatment may actually make your vein problem worse!

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