Much Progress Made

Years ago, people who were bothered by varicose veins were all treated in the same manner. A doctor would examine the legs, consider the related symptoms such as pain, soreness and cramping, and decide whether or not surgery was needed. And smaller visible veins were commonly treated with painful saline injections.

Much progress has been made over the past several years that has opened up an array of minimally-invasive treatment options. More decisive methods are now available to determine if “venous insufficiency” is present, and to what extent.

Now, doctors can be certain what types of insufficiencies are causing the problems and exactly where they are located within the veins, lessening the areas in need of treatment. The diagnosis is made using a Doppler Duplex Ultrasound Scan. This technology, used in conjunction with the skill of an experienced surgeon, has saved many patients from having to undergo major surgery.

Now, with all the latest technology, vein procedures can be done in an office setting.

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