About the CEO

Terri Morrison, RN is the CEO of Morrison Vein Institute, which she co-founded with her husband Nick Morrison, MD, in 1995. In addition to being the CEO, Terri is a sclerotherapy and compression hose expert. She has spent the last eight years as a vein care speaker both nationally and internationally and is the Nursing Section Chair of the American College of Phlebology. Terri co-authored the Fundamentals of Phlebology Nursing Manual for the ACP. Terri was also a Maricopa County burn unit nurse, ICU and ER trauma nurse for over 22 years.

Terri Morrison may physically be little but she is mighty in making an impact in whatever she takes on. Wife, Mother, Grandmother, friend, registered nurse, renowned speaker, philanthropist, CEO, pilot, teacher and the list goes on when talking about this dynamic fearlessly-strong woman. But passionate would be the favorite word of those who know her best when taking on any task. She is a force to be reckoned with when she has a mission to accomplish.

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