Are people bothered by varicose veins?

OUCH! Yes, millions of people have bulging veins on their legs, aka varicose veins, that hurt, ache and/or throb.

or do you mean…

Looking at your own or other people’s varicose veins are ugly to the eye?

Either way, people don’t have to be bothered by varicose veins anymore. They can be removed in a doctor’s office under local anesthesia. There are doctors who specialize in veins and vein disease, called Phlebologists. Find a local, board-certified Phlebologist to treat your veins. The new procedure for removing varicose veins is called Ambulatory Phlebectomy. Do not let a doctor do a stripping surgery on your veins. It is very barbaric compared to the new procedures that can be done in an office setting.

Don’t be bothered anymore.

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