5 Healthy Vein Practices

These are 5 healthy vein practices that we teach our patients at Morrison Vein Institute to help care for their legs everyday:

1.  Walk for 30 minutes every day.

2.  Look around your environments. Wherever you sit, please, have something on which to elevate your feet.

3.  Once every day, or whenever you have been on your feet a lot, lie down on a surface, such as the couch, putting your feet up on the back of the couch, elevating your feet above your head – just for a minute or so.

4. When you have been unable to walk or put your feet up, do 12 dorsiflexion (toe raise) exercises with good relaxation between each.

5. Wear some level of graduated compression support hose whenever possible. Any level of compression is better than none.

These healthy vein practices and their reasonings will be reviewed  with you in your visit to Morrison Vein Institute.  In our comprehensive approach to vein care plan, we will help you keep your legs beautiful and comfortable from now on.

These Vein Practices are exclusive to Morrison Vein Institute and are not to be duplicated.

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