Pregnancy and Compression Stockings

Are you pregnant? Do you have swollen ankles and/or feet?  Don’t know what you can do while you are pregnant?

There are several simple ways to help, during your pregnancy. You can walk for 30 minutes every day. WHENEVER you are sitting down, you can elevate your legs.  At the end of a long day you can elevate your legs above your heart.  If there are hours when you cannot  put your feet up, you can do foot dorsiflexion (aka toe raises) exercises.

A most helpful action is to wear graduated compression stockings that are measured for you.  These really reduce the swelling, discomfort and especially the risk of ongoing damage to your veins.  Support hose are not as bad as you imagine. There are  light weight, very sheer, and some are cotton for coolness.  We have calf highs, thigh highs, special tummy supporting panty hose. We have all of these in Open Toes too for flip flops!

Come in and have a carefully trained RN talk with you about your likes and needs.  Compression hose will be a great investment in your comfort, appearance and vascular health.

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