Foam Sclerotherapy as seen on Dr Oz

Recently there was a special on Dr Oz about a new treatment for varicose veins, called Foam Sclerotherapy.

Dr Nick Morrison, medical director of Morrison Vein Institute, was one of the first doctors in the United States to treat veins with Foam sclerotherapy. According to Dr Morrison, it has become a valuable alternative for the treatment of valvular insufficiency of the superficial veins of the lower extremities,including the great and small saphenous veins and their tributaries, recurrent varicose veins, perforating veins, and venous malformations.  Foam sclerotheraphy is appropriate for primary treatment or complementary to ligation, phlebectomy, or thermal ablation.

Dr Morrison travels all over the world teaching other practitioners about veins and vein disease, and the treatments available. One of which is Foam Sclerotherapy, as seen in this picture.


  1. Help! I saw the results live on Dr. Oz’s show of the foam scletheropy performed my the Dr. I have horrible, envasive, purple/black veins on the tops of my feet & lower calves as did my late mother. I was amazed at the live demonstration, and I’m so wanting info as to whom I can turn to for results such as on the show, which, according to the volunteer, was painless. I’ve tried laser treatments, and they were so terribly painful with no results, that I gave up-not to mention expensive! I live in the San Bernardino, CA area, and I’m willing to try what seems to be a viable treatment for my issues, and it’s impacted my life greatly in trying to hide the ugliness of this other-wise very fashionable female. People think I’m a fashion diva, and I’m running out of excuses for hiding my feet & legs. Can you recommend a facility that offers the foam treatment in my area??

    1. As you know, Dr Oz shows quick clips of lots of different medical treatments very quickly on his show. Therefore, viewers don’t ever get the full story. It was great that Dr Oz showed this procedure, but there are so many details that were left out. Dr Morrison was one of the first doctors in the United States to perform this procedure for veins. It works great and is much better than topical laser. You have a couple options, one is fly to Arizona and have Dr Morrison evaluate and treat your legs, or you can look on for a Board Certified Phlebologist in your area. I hope this helps. Feel free to call our office anytime with questions at 866-GRT-LEGS.

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