Over the long weekend, several of us were comparing our swollen ankles and burning sensation in our feet. Because most of us were on our feet for hours and hours preparing for 4th of July BBQ’s or chasing after children, our legs and feet were suffering by Monday night. No matter what the reason, if your feet feel like they burn or you have swelling in your ankles, you should be wearing compression stockings.They will make your feet and legs feel a thousand times better. I know it’s hot, but even if you wear them around your house, you will feel better.

Whether you have swollen legs or ankles, burny feet, edema, diabetes, varicose veins, spider veins or vein disease, you can benefit from compression stockings, or support socks. You don’t have to wear the old gross ted hose. Compression stockings now come in fashion colors, leggings, knee highs, thigh highs, panty hose, open toe, closed toe, and footless.

Morrison Vein Institute carries hundreds and hundreds of colors, styles and sizes of compression stockings. Call 866-GRT-LEGS to make an appointment and start wearing compression hose today.

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