Q & A’s about Compression stockings

These are frequently asked questions about compression stockings:

·Q: I wear them daily, right? Unless I am in shorts or a dress, I assume.

A.  You wear them from the moment you get up in the morning til you go to bed at night. Everyday is better, as it will keep the swelling down. We have thigh-highs and panty hose too, to wear under skirts or with shorts.

· Q. Do I wear them when my feet and legs are elevated in the evening?

A.   You can take them off when you are at home, but best to keep them on until you take a shower or go to bed.

· Q. Do I wear them at night when I sleep?

A.   No, don’t wear them to bed

·Q.  How often do I wash them?

A.   You can wash them everyday in the sink with mild soap, so they shrink back to normal size, or on delicate in washing mashing, but no dying soaps, aka woolite or dreft

· Q. Does lotion make it easier or harder to put the stockings on?

A.   Probably no lotion is better. You should always put them on with gloves or you will put a hole in them.

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