Erectile Dysfunction & Vein Disease

There was a story recently in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Treat the heart disease, help the erectile dysfunction.” and another article by CNN Health entitled “Targeting heart health may improve sex life, too.” These articles are describing the correlation between Erectile Dysfunction and blood circulation.
Kathy Melfy, RN, of Morrison Vein Institute, has been talking about the studies done on this very subject for years. She has been knocking on Urologists’ doors around the valley, asking them to inform their patients that if they have treatment for bad valves in their leg veins, aka vein disease, then they may improve erectile dysfunction. Kathy even wrote a letter that she passes out to Urologists, in it stating, “In correcting venous circulation, you may help the patient avoid Erectile Dysfunction.”  In doing this, Kathy hopes that doctors will pass on the information to their patients who are suffering, so they can get help.

All of us at Morrison Vein Institute are constantly researching data, asking more questions, and wanting more answers for what we do. We believe, if we stay on the cutting edge, our patients will have better results. We provide a comprehensive approach to vein care.

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