Pregnant? New Veins on your Legs?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Whether this is your first or the latest of a few pregnancies, I’m sure you know that this is a time of change for your body. Morrison Vein Institute can, and would like to be of real help if you have noticed uncomfortable changes in the veins in your legs.
Are your legs feeling heavy, tired or ache at the end of the day? Do you have swollen ankles or feet at the end of the day? Are you noticing new leg veins or bigger veins? If so, you are not alone. Perhaps even your mom, your grandmother, or one of your aunts has varicose veins. The tendency is hereditary. Varicose veins are a very common disorder in women (about 25% of all women), and are definitely worsened by pregnancy. Vein disease is a progressive disease and can be affected by hormones, especially the hormones of pregnancy. Additionally, in pregnancy, your circulating blood volume increases, and you have the pressure of a large gravid uterus! These together can not only cause discomfort in your veins and legs, but also….stretching of your veins and lasting damage to your leg’s venous valve system. This can result in lasting, unsightly veins, uncomfortable legs and a higher risk of a deep venous thrombosis (blood clot).

Please call 480-860-6455 and schedule a visit in Tempe or Scottsdale with a carefully trained Phlebology RN (vein nurse) to talk with you about your support stocking likes and needs. The visit costs $25. She will also offer you a lot of information about natural ways to protect your legs. The visit is a wonderful investment in your comfort, in your long term appearance and in your vascular health.


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