Labial Veins Treated at Morrison Vein Institute

One of our patients tells her story about treatment of labial veins at Morrison Vein Institute…

“Before I became pregnant, I had also developed labial varicose veins. I had one in particular that became quite enlarged during the later stages of my pregnancy. It did decrease a little bit after the girls were born, but continued to be very painful. Over the years, my labial veins had continued to get worse even when I had no pain in my legs. When I went for Pap smears, doctors and PA’s would point out one particularly protruding labial varicose vein and ask me if it bothered me, but no one ever suggested treatment.

During my return to Morrison Vein Institute in 2009 for leg vein treatment, I became comfortable enough with Diana, my ultrasound tech, to ask if there was any treatment for labial veins. She helped me to address the issue with Dr. Morrison and we discussed what course I would need to take to address those veins.

First, I went for a pelvic ultrasound to look at what issues were going on. After that, Dr. Morrison decided to try to treat the main source of the problem by going up toward the pelvis through the leg veins. Terri Morrison, RN, injected the superficial labial veins. It was obviously more invasive and embarrassing than any of the procedures that I’d had up to that point, but everyone that I dealt with was so empathetic and understanding and helped me to feel comfortable. I was so glad to have had that kind of environment to feel comfortable not only bringing up the problem but then continuing treatment for the issue. I had to have Terri treat my labial veins more than once and she was wonderful. I have almost no pain or pressure at all any more in my labial area and the one large varicose vein I had in that area is gone,” stated Heather.

Thank you Heather for sharing your story with us!

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