World-Renowned Phlebologists Meet in Sedona

Dr. Morrison hosted the 5th Annual Sedona Days medical conference which featured extensive discussions among nearly 40 invited vein specialists, including many of the leading phlebologists in the world. This unique conference format was developed for German-speaking phlebologists in Appenzell, Switzerland and in 2007 Dr. Morrison organized and hosted the 1st Sedona Days conference.

This year the compression stocking company, Medi, provided an unrestricted education grant to allow the conference to continue on an annual basis, for which Dr. Morrison and all invited attendees thanked the Medi staff.

The topics that were covered included Compression Therapy for Mixed Ulcers, presented by Drs. Hugo Partsch of Austria and Giovanni Mosti of Italy, perhaps the two most important investigators in the world regarding compression therapy; Mechanical Phlebectomy by Prof. Tom Wakefield, from the University of Michigan; Patient Positioning for Venous Duplex Examination and Duplex Findings in Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency by Joseph Zygmunt,RVT and Diana Neuhardt, RVT, two of the most respected sonographers in the U.S.; Complex Venous Disorder Live Case Duplex Evaluation by Dr. Nicos Labropoulos of Stonybrook University; Management of Superficial Thrombophlebitis and Indications for Factor Xa Inhibitors by Dr. Stephanie Dentoni, Vascular Medicine specialist; Bonn Vein Study and Vein Consult Project by Prof. Eberhard Rabe, President of the German Phlebology Society and Felizitas Pannier of Maastricht University, Netherlands; Long Catheter Foam Sclerotherapy and Duration of Injected Active Sclerosant by Dr. Attilio Cavezzi of Italy; Pelvic Venous Insufficiency by Drs. Mark Meissner from the University of Washington and Mel Rosenblatt of Connecticut; Inflammatory Aspects of Venous Disease by Dr. Joseph Raffetto from the VA Hospital in Bostin, and Markers of Progressive Primary Venous Insufficiency by Drs. Robert Kistner, one of the true pioneers of deep venous disease treatment, and Tony Gasparis of the Stonybrook University.

The presentations were outstanding as were the following discussions, some of which were held on a hike into the wilderness around Sedona Red Rock country.

We are very grateful to Medi, for the supporting grant and look forward to next year’s conference.


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