Colorful Compression Leggings

Did you know that compression stockings come in colors? And leggings? Yes, compression stockings come in all sorts of colors and styles, even tie dyed leggings. No more ugly ted hose or granny hose. Now all of these colorful compression hose come in knee highs, thigh highs, panty hose and leggings. Check out our fashionable staff below wearing colorful compression stockings! black and gray tie dye leggings

patient pictures jan 28 093

green compression leggings Pink Leggings with Compression karen in tie dye hose smallFashionable leggings with compression Pink Compression Stockings Purple compression stockings & fashion forward clothing in one


  1. I work at St Joseph Mission Heritage Vein Senter in Mission Viejo California. I was at the UIP in Boaton this year. I am looking for the colorful leggings and stockings. Do you know of a website where I can purchase them.

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