World-Famous Vein Specialists Meet in Arizona

The 6th annual “Sedona Days” Conference is being held this weekend in Arizona. This meeting is an invitation-only conference organized by Nick Morrison MD, and sponsored by an unconditional educational grant from Medi USA. This unique medical conference represents a gathering of the leading venous experts, aka phlebologists, in the world, coming together to discuss various topics related to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with venous disease. Invited speakers and discussants have the opportunity to delve much more deeply into venous topics than they might have in a typical medical conference because most of the time is spent on creative discussion. To kick off the meeting, Dr and Mrs Morrison hosted a brick-oven pizza party. Below are some pictures from the party. Some of the most famous, successful and well-respected Phlebologists in the world are shown below prepping and cooking pizza!

Meeting pre-party

dad and Italian Doctors

dad cooking

doctors making pizza

dr and mrs Caprini

dr forrestal and john Dentoni

dr forrestal watching dad in action

dr forrestal, dr and mrs caprini, dad

italian drs

mom and hugo at pizza party

Nicos, Ted, Joe Caprini

pizza making by mel and Tony

pizza oven

pizza prep by tony and giovanni

terri and Hugo Parstch

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