Medical Volunteer Trip to 3rd World

Morrison Vein Institute’s staff is preparing for their annual volunteer medical trip to Nicaragua.

Morrison Vein's Blog

Amigos de Salud, which loosely translated means Friends of Health, provides medical and surgical care and supplies to people with limited resources in Central and South America. Under the direction of co-founders Nick Morrison, MD, and his wife Terri Morrison, RN, a team of more than 40 volunteer physicians, nurses, other clinicians and support staff travel to Central or South America every summer for more than 20 years, to provide free medical care.

During this week-long trip, the team will screen, evaluate and treat approximately 2,500 children and adults. “This is grassroots medical care,” explains Dr. Morrison “It is a remarkable experience for all concerned and embodies a unique one-on-one impact that is difficult to describe,” continues Dr. Morrison. “As medical professionals, we can give back in time and talent to individuals who desperately need our care.”

This humanitarian effort comprises a multi-specialty medical team of physicians from all over the world, specializing in general surgery, pediatrics…

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