Early signs of Vein Disease

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What are the early signs that might tell me I need a vein specialist?

Varicose veins, spider veins, swelling of feet and ankles after standing or sitting; leg heaviness, aching, cramping, itching, restless legs, leg ulcers, blood clot or redness or tenderness in calf or thigh; unsuccessful previous sclerotherapy or laser treatments; recurrence of veins and symptoms after stripping; vaginal or vulva varices; recurrence of veins after vein treatment.

Most people do not correlate the above symptoms with vein disease. That’s because most primary care doctors don’t know the correlation either. So, no one has ever mentioned or explained vein disease to us. Now, there are Doctors who specialize in veins and vein disease called Phlebologists. Make sure you go to a Phlebology specialist for your veins, not just a cardiologist or vascular surgeon who happens to do veins too. Don’t wait, have them diagnose and treat you now, before…

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