No Down Time for Vein Treatment

No time for treatment of your spider veins or varicose veins? We sure think we can fit it in to everyone’s schedule. Denise at Morrison Vein Institute talks about her recent vein procedure… “I am an employee at Morrison Vein Institute and have venous disease. I have had two vein closures in the past several years. Recently, at one of my follow-up appointments, I found out that I needed another vein procedure to close one of the Small Saphenous veins that was broken. Dr. McEown had a last minute cancelation this past Monday and so I jumped right in and had closure on my lunch hour and went right back to work. It was so easy and by the next day I couldn’t even tell I had anything done. The doctor and nurses made me feel so comfortable during the procedure and afterwards, I just kept my leg up and iced while at my desk. There’s no excuse to not take care of your health when the treatment is non-invasive and so simple.”Denise showing off the brown compression leggings

Thanks Denise, for sharing your story. Feel free to contact Denise to find out more about her experience at (866) GRT-LEGS.


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