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Nick Morrison, M.D. was named as one of Vein Magazine’s Most Influential Venous Professionals. The magazine interviewed Dr. Morrison and we thought we would share a few of the Q and A’s:

Q. A decade ago, few would have foreseen the crossover in types of vein treatments being offered at other specialty practices. Where do you think the next big movement is going to be and how will it affect vein practice?

A. I expect physicians of all sorts to play a larger role in the specialty development. I expect more and different minimally invasive procedures to come to the forefront in the treatment of venous disease. And I expect to have industry be an important part of this growth and development.

Q. What advancements are long overdue?

A. Procedures that abolish the need for local anesthesia. And most importantly, public and physician awareness of venous disorders, including modern treatment and…

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