A Woman’s Story

Are you suffering from pelvic pain that can’t be explained? Read this woman’s story as it may be from varicose veins. We can help if so…

Morrison Vein's Blog

One patient’s story about her leg veins, pelvic veins, and vaginal veins…

Heather wrote, “I was very familiar with varicose veins as a young girl because my mother had very large clusters of veins on the insides of both her legs and she had large scars down both her legs from where her veins were surgically stripped in the hospital after one of her pregnancies. My mom’s sisters also had varicose veins and my Mom made it clear that I would likely have that issue, too. I was 14 years old when I noticed my first varicose vein on the back of my right calf. I can also remember a friend in high school pointing out the enlarged veins in my ankles. I remember only wearing long shorts in high school and college because I had started to develop larger veins on the back of my thighs. By my early…

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