Myth: If you have your veins fixed they will just come back in a few years…

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 Before and after vein treatment Before and after vein treatment

This may have been true when stripping was the only definitive treatment, but not anymore. Stripping is/was traumatic to tissue and disrupts connecting veins, leaving them to cause problems in the future. Also, stripping is associated with a significant inflammatory response resulting in recurrent varicose veins. Stripping is painful afterwards and makes ones returning to busy lives difficult. It also leave scars. Who wants that!

Now the definitive treatment of varicose veins is Endovenous Thermal Ablation. This is done in the office under local anesthesia. The vein is shut down/heat sealed by inserting a small Radiofrequency or Laser fiber into the vein through a very tiny puncture wound, so no need for stitches.  Following that procedure, patients walk out of the office on their own and return to normal activity the same or following day. Sounds a lot better, doesn’t it!

Patients with varicose veins…

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