Why “Comprehensive Vein Care” Matters!

Why Morrison Vein Institute is different…

Morrison Vein's Blog

Many facilities offer cosmetic vein treatment. Morrison Vein Institute is different. We specialize in comprehensive vein care, of both unsightly and unhealthy veins. That means we don’t just treat veins that appear on the surface. We do a complete evaluation before vein treatment, to identify any hidden problem areas in both upper and lower legs. Next, we treat these problems completely. Finally, we re-examine the veins periodically to assure that venous reflux has not returned. Venous disease cannot be “cured forever” by initial treatment but it can be managed so that serious vein problems are prevented and discomfort is minimized.

Even if your unhealthy veins were “stripped” in the past, other veins may become diseased. Morrison Vein Institute frequently works with people who’ve had previous vein treatments. If your vein problem is coming back, we’ll treat those veins with the most effective procedure for your individual condition.

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