Blood Clots, what should we know about DVT ?

Another death from a blood clot was reported yesterday in the news: Michael Johns was an Australian singer and American Idol finalist. He passed away at 35 years old. “Fans are wondering why a simple issue could have turned fatal?” Quoted from yahoo health: “blood clots are an under appreciated killer in this country.” Genetics, vein disease, blood disorders, cancer, major accidents and surgeries can play a role in forming blood clots in the legs known as DVTs. A venous ultrasound, without any use of dyes, can diagnose blood clots in the leg. Many can be treated in an outpatient setting using compression stockings, ice, anti-inflammatory meds or Lovenox injections, leg elevation alternated with ambulation. After initial treatment of the phlebitis or DVT, these patients need to have their underlying vein disease treated and wear medical grade compression stockings for long airplane rides and car rides. Many of these patients have undiagnosed vein disease and could benefit from a vein screening from a professional phlebologist: vein specialist. Call Morrison Vein Institute at 866-GRT-LEGS for a screening. Also, buy graduated compression stockings and look up to learn about Phlebology, which is the study of veins and vein disease.

Blood Clot in Vein

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