New Study on Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Varicose veinsWe came across a great article in News Medical that describes medical vein disease, leg ulcers and the use of graduated compression stockings. Leg ulcers and Chronic Venous Insufficiency treatment will be studied by scientists at Sheffield Hallam University. The article states “The medical condition means veins in the legs cannot pump enough blood back to the heart. It can cause pain, social isolation, inability to move, reduced quality of life, and treatment of venous ulcers is costly to the National Health Service. Sheffield Hallam experts are examining the use of exercise in treating the condition.” Leg ulcers can be prevented by treating Chronic Venous Insufficiency, aka vein disease, and wearing graduated compression stockings. Seek help from a Phlebologist, who is a medical professional that specializes in veins.

Read the full article at

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