Prevent Blood Clots when traveling…

40% of women and 25% of men have venous disease by the time they are near 50. This backward flow of blood in the leg causes pooling of blood, stasis, which can lead to blood clots. Come in and take care of your circulation!
Treat vein disease, wear compression socks, exercise those calf

Kelly Lorenzen

Traveling soon? Wear graduated compression socks or stockings to prevent blood clots on your next airplane or car ride. Compression stockings increase circulation and pump your blood back up to your heart. So you won’t get swollen legs, ankles or feet. They also make your legs feel great. Make your next trip a pleasant one without swollen ankles or tired heavy legs. Call us to order toll free (855) 835-3544 or visit us online at

Midnight blue compression hose  Sigvaris mens compression sockSigvaris thigh high compression stockings

Fashionable compression stockings

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  1. Absolute truth. Compression stockings make travel easier. I make sure I have several pairs when I travel. Thanks for the article.

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