Feet Hurt While Standing at Work All Day?

Come in for a vein screening, tell them you read it on our blog and it’s free! Ask for Tempe or Scottsdale. http://www.morrisonvein.com
Compression stockings are great before and after vein treatment.
They improve your venous circulation. Call today: 480 860 6455

Kelly Lorenzen

Stand all day for your job? Do your feet kill you by the end of your shift? Wear compression stockings while at work to relieve the pain. You can buy fashionable ones to go with your outfit/uniform, or buy sheer ones to make it look like you are not wearing anything. For men, we have compression socks that look like your normal trouser socks. No one will ever have to know you are wearing compression stockings that are good for you. Call us toll free (855) 835-3544 to order. Your feet will thank you!




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