Be #vFree on Sonoran Living Live, Today! – Nov 11, 2014!

– Learn what it means to be #vFree on Sonoran Living Live with Terri Morrison

Join the vFree Revolution Today

Unsightly veins on your legs could be a sign of a more serious health condition.

If varicose veins are present, you are at a heightened risk of developing life threatening conditions if they are not treated.

Vein Disease does not discriminate by age, race or gender. In fact, a staggering one in three Americans over the age of 45 has some kind of vein disease. Why aren’t more people talking about it?

In order to increase awareness, Morrison Vein Institute is spearheading a vFree (vein disease free) campaign this November until the end of 2015. We are encouraging everyone to be proactive and have their veins checked to assure they are vein disease free.

While venous disease is inherited and incurable, it can be easily treated by eliminating symptoms, removing visible unwanted veins and maintaining healthy legs. Our hope is that more people will take action with the vFree checkup.

To turn the spotlight on vein disease, we are asking everyone to spread the word! Many times someone will try and hide their unsightly veins instead of addressing them. It is imperative that we pull the mask off the assumption that varicose veins are merely cosmetic. READ MORE


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