What’s still here? A Physician Coach’s Perspective

I appreciate Dr. Fronek, my family, my patients, my Morrison Vein family!

Doctors Coaching Doctors - Helane Fronek, MD Coaching and Consulting

Several years ago, on a beautiful and sunny day in Mammoth, I was skiing with a friend.  Gone were our days racing down the black diamonds; we now cruised the blue, intermediate runs.  Wistfully, we acknowledged that we had changed.  We had lost Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.58.55 AMsomething through the years.  Our joints were less forgiving and our bones more fragile; the risks of falling had become greater.  The thrill of speeding down the mountain had been replaced by caution and we felt sad about our loss.

In a recent medical school class, we discussed our experiences of grief and loss.  We each experience many losses, and so do our patients.  In fact, sometimes it feels as if much of medical care involves dealing with loss of one sort or another.  Until we are comfortable with our own grief, it’s difficult to witness and be present for our patients when they feel this deep emotion.  So in this class, we share our…

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