What to do? Comprehensive Vein Care.


 Varicose veins are defined as distended tributaries or ‘branches’ of the major veins in the leg, and the condition usually presents as visible bulging veins on the legs when sitting or standing. When the patient is lying down, the bulges tend to recede or disappear.
Recent “Varicose Vein Therapies” apply only bandaid techniques: treating surface spider and varicose veins with occasional “one time only” ablation techniques. Surface veins appear as a symptom, because the veins deeper inside the leg have lost their essential valve function, allowing blood to flow the wrong way down the veins. So the traditional kind of treatment – still offered by many practitioners – that is directed solely at the veins seen on the surface, without either investigating and treating the underlying cause, is bound to fail.

If a doctor doesn’t have access to the correct diagnosis from a detailed scan in the first place, he or she is unlikely to be able to perform a complete treatment that will minimize the risk of recurrence.

This is the reason why Morrison Vein Institute places such great emphasis on performing comprehensive diagnostic tests and scans – based on a foundation of Duplex Ultrasound Scanning – in advance of the development of any treatment plan. This is a key part of our strict adherence to “Detail”and it ensures that all of our investigations are performed by independent experts who specialise in Duplex Ultrasound examination of the veins.
Compare our approach with the trend in recent years where doctors in “multipurpose” clinics, treating veins part time, perform their own scans to try to keep prices down. This is a false economy for patients; they won’t save in the long term. It has been published that quick scans with subpar equipment and performed by health care providers who solely check the two main veins miss at least 30% of the underlying problems causing the varicose veins. But then, as with so many things in life, cutting corners to reduce costs usually means a reduction in standards.  Our approach is to permanently remove the underlying cause of the varicose veins as well as visible varicose veins to give not only the best possible result in the short term, but also the lowest possible chance of recurrence in the long term.
Schedule your MD- RN Consultations  and Diagnostic Venous Ultrasound Exam: http://www.morrisonvein.com

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