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While the term varicose veins may conjure up an image of an elderly lady in thick, ugly hose, this condition strikes almost half of all women—including celebrities.Those enlarged veins can be painful as well as unsightly, so it’s no surprise that famous women who want to look red-carpet perfect every day have undergone surgery to have them removed or minimized. According to press reports, 40-something “Sex and the City” star Kristin Davis opted to have varicose vein surgery after being displeased by the way her legs looked in the 2008 film based on the cable TV series.
The NY Post claims that Davis slipped into Roosevelt hospital soon after the movie was released to have the look of her legs improved. Davis has not admitted to having the surgery, but her newly smooth, sleek legs tell the story. While most women suffering from vein problems severe enough to require surgery are over 40, the barely 30-year-old Britney Spears was reported to have undergone “keyhole surgery” meaning “ambulatory phlebectomy or microsurgery in 2012 to get rid of those pesky veins.

After all, a pop star that loves showing off her prize pins in short skirts and skimpy costumes like Spears does must have picture perfect legs! Is there still a stigma to having surgery for varicose veins?
“Varicose veins can affect people of any age, and thread veins (or spider veins) affect almost every woman at some time of life. For a woman whose job relies on looking good in front of the camera, unsightly veins can be a major problem. Fortunately, we now have much better techniques to treat them with minimal post operative discomfort and no scarring.

He continued, “It’s amazing that 40 per cent of the population have varicose veins and very few go public. There’s a huge stigma and understanding that it’s an old person’s thing, but it isn’t.”So what other celebs are likely to be making a discreet visit to vein specialist (called Phlebologist) sometime soon? Recent rear views of Beyonce reveal spider veins beginning to make their appearance on her famous legs, so she’s a good candidate for future vein treatments. 
So don’t avoid a vein screening!

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