Lifetime Exercises Help Vein Disease; Seek Professional Help

Water time fun to beat vein disease:

Swimming pools in Arizona are still call our names! Whether it brings you calm and a chance to unwind, a jolt to a workout routine or access “get out of the heat” experiences, it’s one of life’s happier, healthier moments.

Calf Muscle pumps help venous circulation to the heat!
Calf Muscle pumps help venous circulation to the heat!

If you’re one of the thousands of Arizonans either battling or predisposed to vein disease, water sports fun can bring a healthy boost to your venous system.

The calf muscle is critical to vein health. When it flexes, blood flows upward from the leg to the heart, keeping the venous system healthy and strong. Think of it as vein calisthenics, says Terri Morrison, RN, BS, co-founder of Morrison Vein Institute in Scottsdale.“We often talk about calf-specific exercises with our patients, like simple calf muscle pump working,” she explains.

Barefoot is better
Many vein-friendly exercises are actually quite simple. Walking is the cheapest, easiest and one of the best exercises for our venous system, and the beach makes the experience even better. Go barefoot and let the water and sand exfoliate and massage your feet. “We encourage walking after our treatments and even for prevention. The sound of the nearby water brings a relaxing element to the whole experience, too,” Morrison adds.

Water fun
Surfing, snorkeling, boogie boarding or swimming are winning exercises at the beach. Water sports remove the pressure on the joints that activities like running or jogging bring. The water offers consistent light resistance to keep all of your body’s muscles engaged. “Simply walking in foot-deep water can be great exercise, too,” Morrison adds.

Take your Downward Dog to the beach or by your pool!

Bike it
If you’ve had enough of swimming and sun, pushing bike pedals naturally activates the calf muscle and, like swimming, it’s easy on the joints too.

For more information about the latest varicose vein treatments or to schedule a FREE vein checkup, visit, call (480) 860-6455 or email the Morrison Vein Institute at

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