Nick Morrison MD answers online patient’s question about Pelvic Congestion:

 “I had an ablation in May of 2014, but I have been dealing with lower right stomach pain since May of this year. A CT scan was performed and it shows I have pelvic congestion. I can’t stand up straight. I’m really depressed. At this point I just lay in bed and apply a heating pad. When I try to get up and walk, pain comes and it feels like a contraction. What are my treatment options? Do I need surgery, or is there a less invasive procedure that can be done?”
Nick Morrison, MD answers:

About 60% of women with “pelvic congestion syndrome” have ovarian and/or pelvic vein incompetence or partial obstruction. The diagnosis is made according to the clinical symptoms and a specialized CT or MRI scan specifically designed to show the venous system. The abdominal or pelvic veins are found to be incompetent or partially obstructed leading to venous congestion. Minimally invasive treatment can be very helpful but is a very specialized procedure and must be performed by a physician with the training, expertise, and skill to do it safely.

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