Diabetics can have vein treatments.

MVP Veins

Diabetics can inherit vein disease as well.  They have macro and micro angiopathy and amyloid deposit with inflammation. Stasis from the faulty valves of vein disease leads to stasis or blood pooling in the legs and feet, which leads to more inflammation, hyperkeratosis ( broken skin, thickening and hardening), feet and ankle swelling, and skin pigment changes.

What can we do? Get a duplex, color flow venous ultrasound scan by a Certified Registered sonographer in a Phlebology specialist office. Phlebologists are trained and take boards in Venous and lymphatic medicine, IE: Morrison Vein Institute, Compudiagnostics

Then we m teach, diagnose, measure and fit for medical compression stockings or socks that will start with a low dose of compression to meet any insurance guidelines pre-treatment. With and neuropathy, we need to reduce edema and reduce symptoms of vein disease. We refer to All About Compression ( http://www.allaboutcompression.com) for multiple choices like open toe, cotton, padded feet, and some inelastic compression wraps to treat all the patients needs.

Vein patients like diabetics need treatment and long term follow up!

We can help: 480-775-8460    Scottsdale and Tempe locations to serve.






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