Spider Vein Treatment: Injections Gold Standard

Management of reticular veins and telangiectases    Phlebology  2015, Vol. 30(2S) 46–52   Philip Coleridge Smith

Abstract Aim: To review the literature related to the management of reticular varices and telangiectases of the lower limbs to provide guidance on the treatment of these veins.  A European Guideline has been published on the treatment of reticular varices and telangiectases, which is largely based on the opinion of experts. Older accounts written by individual phlebologists contain extensive advice from their own practice, which is valuable in identifying effective methods of sclerotherapy. All accounts indicate that a history should be taken combined with a clinical and ultrasound examination to establish the full extent of the venous disease. Sclerotherapy is commenced by injecting the larger veins first of all, usually the reticular varices. Later in the same session or in subsequent sessions, telangiectases can be treated by direct injection. Following treatment, the application of class 2 compression stockings for a period of up to three weeks is beneficial, but not used universally by all phlebologists. Further sessions can follow at intervals of 2–8 weeks in which small residual veins are treated. Resistant veins can be managed by ultrasound-guided injection of underlying perforating veins and varices. Other treatments including RF and laser ablation of telangiectases have very limited efficacy in this condition. Conclusions: Sclerotherapy, when used with the correct technique, is the most effective method for the management of reticular varices and telangiectases.

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