Why do you want an “out of network” Doctor or private pay Doctor as a choice in healthcare?

Maybe a second opinion is the answer?

Patients treatment outcomes, successful vein treatments, depend on an accurate diagnosis, identification of potential treatment options, shared decision making with the patient in choosing the most appropriate option when choices are available, understanding of, and compliance with, treatment by the patient, and follow-up and maintenance post treatment.      Outcomes depend on understanding of the condition and treatment options by the patient as well as by having the physician understand the values and preferences of the patient.

This leads to the “right” treatments and expectations for both the patient and the physician. These all require a physician / patient relationship of trust.

In today’s healthcare environment both patients and doctors can be disempowered by the industrialization of medicine with administrators and insurance companies dictating the terms of treatment and employment. 

Teaming together with our patients to find alternatives, we have a chance to influence the evolution of our healthcare.
Come talk to us at Morrison Vein Institute.

20 years dedicated to vein treatments!

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