Help for Unsightly Veins

Saying that varicose veins are unsightly is lending a gentle term to a condition that most of us would describe more vividly: embarrassing, excruciating, and just plain ugly. Even so, many women and men have endured the bulging veins, heavy cramping, restless legs, and even limited activities, blood clots and sores rather endure treatments that they thought were “too painful, too restrictive, and maybe would not work anyway.”

Twenty years ago we started Morrison Vein Institute, called Vein and Laser Center of Arizona at that time. We quickly eliminated the need for vein stripping with in-office minimally invasive procedures like ligations, injections and micro procedures to remove large veins.  Phlebology has since then become a specialty, recognized by the AMA and we have tried to organize as a specialty and teach ourselves and patients about the inherited disease called venous insufficiency.

There is good news for the 40 million people (27 million of them women) whom the National Health Institute says has a problem with varicose veins. this disease causes problems when the valves inside the veins malfunction, gravity forces blood to pool in the vein rather than travel on to the heart. This backflow and pooling of blood can lead to itching, swelling, achiness, skin color changes, constant pain or even sores or blood clots. Now we have an easy way to diagnose vein disease in each patient and give them a specific treatment plan of veins to be treated and how.

We have many treatments to offer patients, even 2 new FDA treatments in the last 2 years: Varithena, FDA Approved Foam and the VenaSeal Closure system using the “new Glue” as many patients recognize it on the internet. Restrictive insurance plans don’t like to recognize new proven technologies. Before Medicare or insurance companies authorize some procedures, they put restrictive clauses on treatment options: wearing compression stockings and conservative therapies for 3 months prior to therapy. Many of our patients have opted out of Medicare and insurance plans and choose a payment plan option where we can start right away! Many other treatment options can be found on our website

Call today 480-775-8460/480-860-6455 and get started on your road to healthy, happy legs again. Come in for a screening and then a diagnostic ultrasound, so you know where you stand. We will teach you about your veins, measure your legs for “New and Improved” compression stockings or athletic compression socks to wear while you wait or decide what to do.   Questions to

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