Humanitarian Trips to Nicaragua

Our 5th consecutive year in Nicaragua, 25 years with our Morrison/Amigos group of volunteers.    

[Veins and Lymphatics 2015; 4:4851]

A phlebo-lymphology humanitarian trip to Matagalpa, Nicaragua via @academia

Each year, Nick Morrison MD and Terri Morrison RN as co-founders of Morrison Vein Institute and with our former multidisciplinary group of Doctors, Nurses, Sonographers, and a multitude of volunteers founded Amigos de Salud, Inc. a 501C3 charity without any paid administrators. We have volunteered in Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Our numbers grew to 100 volunteers one year, and then we figured out to split off and multiply the good we could do. The last 5 years, we have had the benefit of the Big Hearts of The Fara Foundation of Austin Texas/ Nicaragua who help us coordinate our trips and do everything they can with their donors and their own money to help us take care of the poor there for free. They pre-screen thousands of patients for us to find the patients with the worst vein disease, leg ulcers, venous malformations so that we can consult and treat 800- 900 patients in 6.5 days. Our friends the colorectal surgeon and his wife, a doctor of Audiology Drs. Venkatesh came a few weeks before us so the staff wouldn’t be overwhelmed.Then, the Fara Foundation pays local doctors to follow up caring for our patients with the teaching we started and the supplies we can leave them from our generous donors and from all the Doctors, Nurses, and Sonographers we bring from around the world. This year we were represented by Italy, Australia, Argentina, Ireland and USA docs and teams from several states. Many docs bring their mature teens to help with translation and all kinds of physical labor and venous assistant maneuvers.

Compudiagnostics has provided our diagnostic and treatment ultrasound for 20 years as well as supporting us in kind on these volunteer trips. Our Morrison Vein and Compudiagnostics staff have taken turns going to make this all possible as well as months of collections from our donors to packing for weeks on end… In the following weeks, I will be thanking all our donors in our Morrison Vein facebook page!  I just couldn’t wait to share and thank everyone! We are so grateful.


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