Varicose and spider veins can hurt.

Inflammation caused by vein disease is a problem a majority of patients face.

Slide below is from the International Compression Club: “Comparison of below knee with above knee stockings for the prevention of leg volume increase and symptoms that occur during prolonged standing,” W. Blättler, HJ.Thomae, F.Amsler, Switzerland.  I THANK YOU   One of many studies ” patients have pain with varicose veins” and how do we treat?

Chronic venous insufficiency causes: “Inherited weakness in venous valves of the legs” allowing blood to flow backward down the legs and pool with prolonged standing or sitting. There are chemical changes occurring with the release of cytokines, MMPS and the inflammatory processes. These can signal different symptoms to the patients: heaviness, tired, swelling, cramping, itching, or local tenderness.  If our patients are uninformed about the side effects of their disease process, these symptoms and inflammatory processes increase without treatments.

First, we encourage patients to have a diagnostic, venous ultrasound scan which gives us a map of their diseased veins so we can propose appropriate treatments.

Second, we can prescribe good quality, well-fitted compression stockings to wear until they decide on treatment plans or while their insurance company makes them wait several weeks to months trying “conservative therapy.” As the slide indicates, when patients get chronic, untreated, inflammatory symptoms of varicose veins they assume they should put up with it…. not knowing that good compression stockings, calf muscle pump exercises, alternated with leg elevation could help these progressive problems while they wait for treatment. Even light weight, 20 mmHg of pressure with a good stiffness index can cause a massaging effect which can decrease edema and that feeling of fullness at the end of the day.

Third, treat the patient with anyone of our toolbox of “state of the art ” vein therapies: endovenous ablation using heat like (radio frequency or laser) or liquid or foam sclerosants,  using ultrasound guidance, FDA approved, MOCA (Clarivein), microphlebectomies, and the brand new FDA approved glue( VeClose). When the medical issues are treated first, then we can inject, or laser the remaining skin veins called cosmetic vein therapy.

Fourth, our MD, RN, MA, Sonographer team, works with all our colleagues to teach our patients about a lifelong plan to follow up annually and keep “Vein Healthy Legs.” As the slide concludes, “pain can be memorized as bad feelings and impair quality of life.”  There is no reason to suffer the pain of vein disease. Come see us @MorrisonVein 480-775-8460 We can help you get a healthy start.

Ask us about VeClose

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